Hi, there I am Abdullah Al Masum.

Abdullah Al Masum

an aspiring blogger with dedication and determination and dedication to helping people learn more about WordPress, Web Hosting, and related stuff.

My story : Abdullah Al Masum

In 2017 for the very first time from my curiosity, I searched on the internet how to create a website.

At first, I didn’t understand anything. Then I knew I could create a website using CMS Content Management System.

So as a beginner, I made my first website using Blogger. At that time some people were using Blogger for their blog websites and installed a theme named Notable.

Abdullah Al Masum 9
This was me when i first create my website 😂💕

Then I tried to learn new things every day, then I learned about WordPress and at that time a large number of websites like 200m or something were created using WordPress.

So I decided to practice and know every little thing about WordPress. I installed WordPress on my local computer and started practicing.

The first theme I used as per as I remember was shamrock, a theme by Meks. It was a tremendous blog-based theme.

then I tried Elementor and created many website designs on my local host website.

Why I am creating this blog?

I decided to launch my first website with a live host. First, I tried a web hosting company named Putul Host.

I used Cloud Hosting, and VPS hosting, managed, and Unmanaged every type of web hosting I tried by myself.

I use Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Clouddways, Ulta Host, Namecheap, and more than 30 + web hosting companies I used.

With that experience, I am here to teach you how to choose the perfect web hosting for your blog, your business, or any type of project.

I am here to help You

  •  How to choose the perfect web hosting for your blog
  •  how to Select the ideal web hosting for Your Business
  •  How to pick the ideal web hosting for your Client
  • How to install WordPress via any control panel
  • Which theme to pick for your website
  • how to design an entire website and much much more

When I ran across problems creating WordPress websites, I wanted to be the answer I needed. This platform was developed for that reason. So That’s Why I created Tech Virtuosity


Affiliate links are the most lucrative service I provide on this website. While there is no additional cost to you, using my affiliate link to make a purchase earns me a commission. I appreciate your assistance.

Thank You,

Abdullah Al Masum